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"We’re committed to bringing back the spirit and optimism of the space age of the 1950s and 1960s with classic, timeless lines that celebrate and embrace the body!"

Theresa Kopecky – Tess & Co. Designer

Theresa grew up in the country in Northern California, and, from the time she was six, she was doing her own laundry, sewing her own play clothes, feeding the chickens, climbing trees, and weeding the vegetable garden. As her mother will tell you, her indomitable spirit has changed very little over the years! With that same spirit, Theresa now weaves the seemingly disparate roles of fashion designer, Air Force Major, mother and wife into one coherent vision, distilling her life experiences into a company that celebrates and believes in faith, family and American industry.

In typical can-do fashion, Theresa and husband Mike launched design company Tess & Co. in 2011. Theresa dreamed of designing clothes for smart, passionate and discerning women who work hard for their place in the world and want their values reflected in what they put on their bodies every day. Looking to America’s mid-century glory days, when optimism was the norm and putting a man on the moon was just the beginning, Theresa melded vintage inspiration and modern ease into one sleek package. The company has already garnered acclaim, both in its native Austin and nationally, for its clean and ladylike design, top-notch quality and attention to detail. Every aspect of production is scrutinized to ensure it aligns with the company values: Tess & Co believes strongly in supporting local industry, and makes use of Texan companies for its pattern-making, grading and marking, and manufacturing – right down to the button-loops and belts!

From the very beginning, Tess & Co. has been a business built on family. As the Kopecky family grew, with the addition of baby Marshall, so did the Tess family – and Tess Tots was born! Marshall has acted as resident stunt-baby, putting each garment through a rigorous testing process. Just as Tess garments for women have to be practical as well as elegant, Tess Tots clothing is for real, rough-and-tumble babies. Tess kids don’t sit still and keep their clothes pristine – they roll and crawl around, laugh, play, learn, and have as much fun as they can. Tess Tots is all about embracing the great hope for the future that underpins mid-century modern design and, with fantastic vintage-inspired prints, bright, fun colors, and classic shapes, capturing the unapologetic enthusiasm that makes 1950’s design so attractive to modern audiences.

Theresa also has a passion for giving back. During a combat deployment to Afghanistan, she sewed twelve custom blankets to give to local children, and set up an aid network back in the US that produced over six tons of relief supplies – and, with the birth of Tess & Co., her outreach has only grown more ambitious! Rather than just writing a check, Tess & Co. believes in hands-on charity work with real, tangible results. As a veteran-owned company, they take particular pride in supporting veteran recovery programs such as 499 Dresses, and miss no opportunity to get involved in other local fundraising efforts as well. 100% American-owned, Tess & Co. is a close-knit group of emerging fashion and lifestyle brands, making your life more beautiful through thoughtful, sophisticated design – from the Kopecky family, to the Tess & Co. family, to yours.